Amazing mysteries happen in life.
My amazing mystery began on June 25, 2009 when a man I knew virtually nothing about, a man in whom I had no interest, reached out to my consciousness - and slipped into my heart.  Michael Jackson, gently and yet bigger than life as he is, offered me, “Hello.”  It took me some while to acknowledge, to understand and to accept the reality of what has happened to me, and through me.  There is no logical explanation for it.  Every day now, I am charged to learn about Michael, challenged to understand Michael and compelled to express, through both poetry and prose, the Michael I have come to know, to respect, and to love.

The gifts of this writing are not only for me.  The poetry paints vivid, emotional, thought-provoking portraits of this very complex but, at the same time, so simple man.  The prose fills in puzzling blanks, not uncommon with poetry, and expands on information.  Soon, my author website,, will be available for all of you.  Through it, I will share with you about this amazing, unexpected, purpose-filled journey I am taking because of Michael, and with Michael.  I will welcome all of you into the wonder, the sorrow, the intention and the love of this poetry.  You will learn of these stories and messages, which I believe are of Michael’s heart.  Together, as we remember and seek ways to honor Michael, we will find ways to reignite our connection with Michael to serve our world. 

Welcome, soon, to experiencing the Michael you have always known, or to begin experiencing the Michael you have never known.  Welcome, soon, to Michael connecting with your mind, opening your eyes, touching your heart, and moving your life. 

And, even before we begin – from the bottom of two hearts, Thank You...